Our Products

Who we are

Cheekips Ltd’s versatile range of products is currently marketed in retail shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, covering the whole island. A well-structured distribution system is in place to ensure continued supply of products.

With the aim of producing quality products at all levels, and maintaining a high standard, we constantly bring innovation and research to suit market demands



Providing Quality products is our forte. We do not compromise on quality in our products. As our tagline says, Cheekips Ltd, We grow quality.
From sourcing our raw materials, packaging materials, production, distribution to after sales service, we make sure that our customers get the best. We believe that it is quality which reigns, grow and last in the long term.
Our team is also trained to work to meet the customer’s demand and satisfaction.


Our team at Cheekips is a fusion of expert people working for decades in the industry and young and enthusiastic minds. Together, we ensure that quality products are delivered to you and that we provide the best product and service. To keep up with the innovations in the industry, we are guided by the a Swedish expert in the home care and personal care industry.

Innovative frangrances

Coupling your imagination and freshness with innovative fragrances to create unique products which trigger your senses.

Environment friendliness

At Cheekips, we care about the generations to come. Therefore, we use raw materials which are environmental friendly, and which are compliant with the latest European guidelines.